Retail Meat Processing

When you’re looking to fill your freezer or find yourself in an emergency situation, that’s where we come in.

Custom Meat Processing

At Jenniges Meat Processing we maintain a devoted team of experienced butchers and processors who take pride in doing the job right. Our experience with processing farm-raised livestock covers beef, hogs, and sheep. As a long-standing meat locker, our facility in Brooten, MN has seen over 50 years of custom processing. We know how to properly cut these animals; we know how long to hang them; and we know what processes work best for smoking, curing and making a range of sausage varieties.

As a custom butchery we slaugther on Mondays and Thursdays. Moving past the butchering part, we provide custom processing*. It’s this customization that works to your advantage – you select how thick you want your steaks, how large you want your roasts, how many pounds you want your packages of hamburger, how many pork chops you want packaged together, and so on. You tell us how we can best process your beef or pork to meet your family’s needs.

When it comes to beef, we typically let them hang for 14 days prior to processing – additional hanging time can be requested, we will allow a beef to hang for up to 28 days. Beef is available by the whole, half, or mixed quarter (part front, part hind), and mixed eighth. Your meat is typically available for pick up 2 – 3 days after processing, unless sausage is requested – sausage can take another week to process. Dried beef also takes longer, pushing the order back by one month.