Your Local, Go-To Meat Processor for All Your Meat & Butchering Needs

At Jenniges Meat Processing we provide all of the meat-related services needed by local farmers, hunters, and families. From custom processing to on-the-farm butchering – we offer it all. Our butchers and staff take pride in what they do, ensuring that you receive your meat products just the way you ordered them. Whether you’re looking to schedule processing or find yourself in an emergency situation – call on the butchers that do it best… call on Jenniges Meat Processing.

Custom Meat Processing

When you’re looking to fill your freezer or find yourself in an emergency situation, that’s where we come in. At Jenniges Meat Processing we maintain a devoted team of experienced butchers and processors who take pride in doing the job right. Our experience with processing farm-raised livestock covers beef, hogs, and sheep. As a long-standing meat locker, our facility in Brooten, MN has seen over 40 years of custom processing. We know how to properly cut these animals; we know how long to hang them; and we know what processes work best for smoking, curing and making a range of sausage varieties.

As a custom butchery we butcher on Mondays and Thursdays. Moving past the butchering part, we provide custom processing*. It’s this customization that works to your advantage – you select how thick you want your steaks, how large you want your roasts, how many pounds you want your packages of hamburger, how many pork chops you want packaged together, and so on. You tell us how we can best process your beef or pork to meet your family’s needs.

When it comes to beef, we typically let them hang for 7-10 days prior to processing – additional hanging time can be requested, we will allow a beef to hang for up to 3-weeks. Beef is available by the whole, half, or mixed quarter (part front, part hind), and mixed eighth. Your meat is typically available for pick up the day after processing, unless sausage is requested – sausage can take another week to process. Dried beef will also delay processing completion, pushing the order back by one month.

When it comes to hogs, meat is available by the whole and half. Your pork will usually be ready 2-weeks from the butcher date.

Whether beef, pork, or lamb we wrap all cuts in white butcher paper, seal hamburger into tubes, and vacuum seal all sausage. We will vacuum seal cuts for an additional fee. After wrapping / sealing your meats are immediately placed into our modern walk-in freezers for safe storage.

At Jenniges Meat Processing the meat you send in is the same meat you’ll back – it’s fair, it’s honest and it’s the only way we do it. Contact us to learn more about our custom meat processing or to place an order.

*We require that the order be called-in within one week of the date of slaughter.

Wrapped Hamburger Patties
Wrapped Snack Sticks
Wrapped Beef Sticks
Ground Beef

Wild Game Processing

From the farm to the field, we provide custom processing for more than just livestock. At Jenniges Meat Processing we are also the area's go-to locker for wild game processing. Our experience in this area includes deer, elk and buffalo. Like with our other areas of meat processing, the animal / meat you bring in is the same meat you'll get back.

Unlike some lockers, we make venison sausage immediately upon receiving your deer or trimmings. All of our venison sausage is processed in small batches to ensure taste, quality and ownership – you get your meat back. When you process with us, you can be assured that the venison sausage you’re serving for dinner truly is the deer you harvested from the woods. At Jenniges Meat Processing we like to go above and beyond when it comes to delivering on our wild game services – which is why standard is that all deer brought in over the first two weekends will be ready by Thanskgiving.

To accommodate hunters, we offer extended hours during Minnesota’s Deer Hunting Season (Firearm). Please contact us to find out the extended hours for this years season.

DEPOSIT REQUIRED* (Deer Carcass and/or Trimmings over 30 LBs) $100
Cutting $88.00
Skinning $12.00
Grinding $0.80/LB
Trim & Clean Pieces $0.75/LB
Add Pork $0.75/LB per 10 LBs
Caping Additional $75.00
Seasoned Bulk $2.41/LB
Removal of Antlers Additional $5
Return Hide $15.00

*Credit card or cash accepted for deposit.

Regular Sticks $4.13/LB
Teriyaki Sticks $4.28/LB
BBQ Sticks $4.28/LB
Pepper Jack Sticks $4.50/LB
Gunslinger (jalapeno) Sticks $4.50/LB
Jerky $4.28/LB
Teriyaki Jerky $4.39/LB
Hot Dogs $4.39/LB
Polish Sausage $3.29/LB
Brats $3.29/LB
Cheese Brats $3.95/LB
Ring Bologna $3.29/LB
Country Style $3.29/LB
Summer Sausage $3.07/LB
Ole’s (garlic) Summer Sausage $3.29/LB
Dried Venison $4.17/LB
Sizzler Links $4.39/LB

Hanging Beef

24-Hour Emergency Butchering

When an animal becomes injured there isn't always time to wait for the nearest meat processing plant to open. At Jenniges Meat Processing we understand that emergency situations happen. We also know that they don’t occur on optimal schedules, for this reason we provide 24-hour emergency butchering. So whether it’'s 2 PM or 2 AM, contact us when you need an experienced butcher fast. We maintain separate phone numbers for emergency situations, will be available when you us, and will handle your emergency situation professionally and efficiently. We can even come to you, providing on-site butchering if needed.

Emergency: 320.333.8421   |   Alt Emergency: 320.278.3042

Jenniges Meat Processing facility located below the water tower in Brooten, MN

Pick Up Policy

At Jenniges Meat Processing we operate as a full-time butchery, in doing so our freezers are continuously needed to store newly processed orders. We will call to notify you when your order is ready and ask that you arrange pick up as soon as possible. If orders are not picked up within 30 days of notification an additional storage charge of $5 per tray per month will be added. Our locker space is limited and should not be considered for on-going meat storage.

Jenniges Meat Processing meats the HACCP alliance guidelines and is State Inspected for custom exempt processing.

Jenniges Meat Processing Service Truck for On-the-Farm Butchering
Decorative Swirls with Large Butchery Knives

Contact Us

Jenniges Meat Processing
131 Pleasant Ave N
Brooten, MN 56316

Phone: 320-346-2414
Emergency Phone: 320.333.8421
Alt Emergency Phone: 320.278.3042

Our Hours: Monday – Friday: 8am – 5pmSaturday: 9am – 12pm (Noon)